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Contribute mAbs


If you would like to contribute antibodies for testing as part of the CoVIC, please contact Dr. Saphire for information about the criteria for submission. Samples will be blinded and will only be known as a code name (COVIC-1, COVIC-2…) in the study. Antibody contributors, however, will be able to see the performance of their own molecules in the study and also take part in the analysis. Contributors retain ownership of their antibodies and may continue to publish on them using the original antibody names. The goal is to determine relative in vitro potency and in vivo efficacy using centralized standardized assays to identify the best individual mAbs and rational combinations of mAbs. Ultimately, the consortium will recommend ideal therapeutic molecules for human use to protect vulnerable populations from COVID-19 disease.

For a description of assays offered to CoVIC contributors, please click here.
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